The State of Oregon offers only a Governor’s Pardon. The Governor has the power to make decisions on all pardons, reprieves, commutations, and fine remissions. Clemency will only be given in exceptional cases, they also state that rehabilitation must be demonstrated through conduct.

The applicant must complete an application for clemency as well as a clemency affidavit.  Both documents must be presented before a public notary and signed in the notary’s presence.

Before applying for clemency, the applicant must mail the application form to the Director of the Board of Corrections, the State Board of Parole, and the District Attorney for the county where the conviction was held.  If incarcerated, it must be sent to the District Attorney for the county where the applicant is incarcerated. Then the applicant may mail the application and affidavit to the Governor.  The Governor will investigate the request and make a decision; this may take up to six months.

There is no information available on length of time before a pardon may be requested.

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