In Michigan, the governor grants all pardons, reprieves, and commutations with exceptions to cases which involve impeachment. The governor is advised by the board of Paroles through recommendations. In the State of Michigan the ability to lessen the impact of your criminal conviction is possible. However, strict exclusion guidelines have been imposed on the Expungement process. Not everyone is able to have their record expunged due to these stipulations. If you are not excluded from the Expungement process you must still fulfill specific criteria for an Expungement to be granted. If you were convicted of more than one criminal offense you cannot get your record expunged in the State of Michigan. If you have an Expungement granted, you are considered not to have been convicted.  However, if you are convicted of  new criminal charges your former records can reappear. If granted an Expungement, you can answer an employer truthfully that you have a clean criminal record.

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