The state of Delaware offers a Governor’s pardon, although the Board of Pardons exist as a statutory body in order to conduct hearings, gather information, process applications and make recommendations. It is entirely separate from the Board of Paroles. The Attorney General will notify any victims of the crime of the intended request for clemency. Hearing for pardon applications are taken on the fourth Thursday of every month except July and August. A pardon may only be if a positive recommendation is given to the Governor by the Board of Pardons.

If an application is denied, a request may not be made again for 15 months or heard again for 18 months from the date of the decision on the prior application. The Board however may agree in advance to accelerate the time under certain circumstances not stated.

No application for a pardon which includes a conviction of first degree murder shall be accepted for 33 months or heard for 36 months after the denial of the previous application.

In certain cases a psychiatric exam may be required before the application will be considered.

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