In the state of Utah, the board of Pardons and Paroles handles all pardon applications. In order to be eligible for a hearing, the applicant must have let five (5) years past from the discharge of any and all sentences, however in some extenuating circumstances, the application can be sooner than five (5) years. The board will hold the hearing and will only grant a pardon after a full hearing is had. Any decision made by the board after the hearing is a final decision and is not subject to judicial review .

In Utah, a person has to meet a certain criteria in order to be eligible for expungement. This criteria consists of: letting thirty days pass since the date of arrest with no subsequent arrests;  the person must have been released without formal charges being filed, or the case must have been dismissed without a conviction within those thirty days. For a conviction to be expunged, a person can apply: after seven (7) years, for a second or third degree felony; after ten (10) years , for any alcohol related traffic offense; after twelve (12) years for multiple class B misdemeanors; after six (6) years for multiple class C misdemeanors; and after three (3) years for all other misdemeanors.

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